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Methodology to achieve 50 ohms matched condition while. There is a tradeoff between cost versus performance in cho. Design and simulation microstrip patch antenna using cst microwave studio slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Insetfed and edgefed patch antennas with rectifying circuit corey bergsrud1, chase freidig1, matthew anderson2, matthew clausing2, timothy dito3, and sima noghanian1 1university of north dakota, department of electrical engineering 2university of north dakota, department of technology 3alumnus of university of north dakota, department of electrical. Assigning lumped portselect the middle rectangle and assign a lumped port of say 50 ohms. Leon c a school of civil and environmental engineering, georgia institute of technology, atlanta, ga 30332, usa b school of electrical and computer engineering, georgia institute of technology. Rectangular microstrip patch antenna initially, a rectangular microstrip patch antenna rmpa without dgs which resonates at ghz in kubandrangeis considered, and to change the position of the resonant frequencyof quarter wavelength transformer microstrip antenna we are employ a defected ground structure dgs to analyze its working. The proposed antenna consists of a microstrip patch with 2 narrow vertical slots that is fed by a quarter wave transformer. Efficient and accurate simulation of antenna arrays in hfss. Rectangular microstrip antenna arrays, gain, return loss, ansoft. I am learning multiband and metamaterial based patch antenna designing on hfss.

What is the radiation box size in hfss for very compact patch. Thus, a quarter wavelength rectangular patch antenna is adopted for sensing strain in this article. For example, figure 4 shows a microstrip patch antenna that we intend to create a 2d array based on this model. Microstrip patch model the microstrip patch antenna model used for the numerical simulation in ansoft hfss is shown in fig.

You can easily match your antenna to a 50 ohm line using a quarterwavelength transmission line qwt, and the dimensions depends on the input impedance of your designed patch antenna. The dimensions of antenna can be found in the hfss simulation file. However, the dimensions and characteristic impedances of the microstrip line and quarter wavelength transformer qwt were not stated in the thesis. Design and simulation of a slotted patch antenna sensor. Designof2x2shapedrectangularmicrostriparrayantenna. We have different types of substrates such as rogers, fr4 epoxy etc. In this paper, a single band pifa antenna designed and simulated in high frequency structural simulator hfss with metamaterial superstrate. Hfss projects are also included in the downloadable codes.

Single layer dual band microstrip patch antenna using. Design of a triangular patch microstrip antenna on a. Comparative study of simulated parameters like gain, bandwidth, directivity and radiation pattern for these two feeding. The dimensions of antenna can be found in the hfss simulation. Design and simulation of slotted rectangular microstrip patch. Only a single radiating edge remains with this design which reduces the radiation pattern directivity compared with a half wavelength patch. Hfss simulator to obtain the optimized parameters in order to find the best design for this antenna. Design and simulation of rectangular microstrip antenna arrays for.

A small quarterwave patch antenna with the impedance bandwidth of 35% was constructed for the frequency of about 2 ghz. A coplanar edgefed opticallytransparent microstrip patch. Another uslot is cut in the patch of half wavelength long to. Design quarter wavelength feed patch antenna and recessed patch antenna to meet project specifications. Design and performance analysis of rectangular micro strip. Design of probe feed microstrip patch antenna in s band. The formula for calculating the approximate length of a quarterwave vertical antenna is. Single and double patch corporate feed antennas are designed and their parameters are measured and compared. The two types of feed are coaxial cable feed and quarter wave feed.

How to find substrate length and width in designing a. This rectangular microstrip antenna design is known as a quarter wave microstrip patch or half patch antenna. Basic patch antenna design although there are many variations on patch antenna design, the basic configuration is shown in figure 1, where l is then length relative to the feedpoint and w is the width. Lets start with a simple planner dipole antenna design using hfss. One method used in patch antenna design is to introduce shorting pins from the patch to the ground plane at various locations. The far field radiation patterns for both antenna models are characteristics of a patch antenna on a thin pbg depicted in fig. The length of the patch for a rectangular patch antenna normally would be 0. The remarkable properties of open and shortcircuited quarter wave line are presented in section. This may be replaced with a physical shorting plane to create a quarterwavelength microstrip antenna. The rectangular patch antenna is designed so that it can operate at the resonance frequency. As shown in figure 1, the quarter wavelength rectangular patch antenna consists of copper patch, ground plane, substrate, matching line, feeding point, and vias.

I tried the design of monopole using both lump port and wave port. Microstrip patch antennas or simply patch antenna are increasingly useful because the antenna is printed directly onto a circuit board. A coplanar edgefed opticallytransparent microstrip patch antenna operating in the 56 ghz frequency spectrum by eric escobar bachelor of science in electrical engineering, the university of new hampshire, 20. The parameters for the yagi array halfwave patch antennas and those for the yagi arrays of quarter wave patch antennas are given in table 1.

The halfwave rectangular microstrip antenna has a virtual shorting plane along its center. It consists of rectangular substrate and the metal trace layer as shown in fig. Table 2dimension the patch antenna dimension of patch antenna width of patch 41. Quarter wavelength transformer method is used in this method.

I am trying get results from the hfss after design information an antenna and. Single layer dual band microstrip patch antenna using probe feed tej raj. The most common form is the quarter wave monopole, in which the antenna is approximately one quarter of the wavelength of the radio waves. The radiation box should always have at least a quarter wavelength in the. Their low profile design, often square or rectangular, allows them to be mounted to flat surfaces. Hfss design of square patch antenna with slot duration. The copper patch is the radiation source of electromagnetic wave.

Design of pifa antenna with metamaterial superstrate at 2. Optimized microstrip patch antenna mpa array design to. The aim of this chapter is to show various ways to overcome this problem by using various matching techniques for numerous patch antenna array schemes. Fig 6 design of single patch antenna in hfss simulation results the 2x2 patch array antenna is simulated using ansoft hfss. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. T1 gain enhancement in microstrip patch antennas using hybrid substrates. Rectangular microstrip patch antenna is designed in hfss vs. Design and simulation of a slotted patch antenna sensor for wireless strain sensing xiaohua yi a, chunhee cho a, benjamin cook b, yang wang a, manos m. Transverse deformation effect on sensitivity of strain. N2 a substrate design that uses a ferrite ring to enhance the gain of a microstrip patch antenna without compromising the bandwidth is proposed.

Monopole antenna design using hfss forum for electronics. Im a graduate student and im working on designing something similar but with different parameters using hfss. Optimization of dualband microstrip patch antenna with. If the impedance of the antenna is za, then the input impedance viewed from the beginning of the quarterwavelength line becomes. Design and simulation microstrip patch antenna using cst. The fundamentals of patch antenna design and performance.

In this design, the patch elements are connected using quarter wavelength impedance transformer method. Optimization of dualband microstrip patch antenna with quarter wave transformer feed and two narrow slots ijsrdvol. Designing a planner dipole antenna is the easiest design for beginners. I have completed the preliminary stage up to my knowledge and i have some doubts about the measurements and report generation. Design of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna using. Antenna based projects antenna based projects for ece. The patch dimensions were determined using the transmission line model equations. Animating efield on planner dipole using hfss take it easy.

Design characterization of rectangular microstrip patch. Simulation in this scheme involved extending the feed line to the edge where the notch has been cut out. Microstrip patch antenna using hfss ansys duration. What is the radiation box size in hfss for very compact patch antennas fed by. So the patch width plus the length of a quarter of a wavelength added left, right. The parameters evaluated were gain, beamwidth and return loss. First, you need to choose the frequency of operation that the antenna finds the application and the type of substrate. The antenna only has a single radiation edge equivalent slot which lowers the directivitygain of the antenna. Which substrate dimensions shall i choose for a patch antenna. The major problems of the single element microstrip antennas are low. Hfss is used to conduct simulation calculation so as to get various performance parameter of the antenna, to make sure that its frequency band range is 11 ghz 14 ghz, and to meet the design requirement of the ultrawideband antenna. Patch antenna with a quarterwavelength matching section. The mpa is very simple to design consisting of a dielectric. Optimize design using hfss optimetrics through adjustment of antenna dimensions.

A miniature rectangular patch antenna using defected. Hfss design of rectangular patch antenna using microstrip line feedingedge feeding duration. The designed single element, 2x1 and 4x1 rectangular microstrip antennas were simulated in ansoft high frequency structure simulator hfss version 15. You notice that in this example the vacuum box is larger than usual size of quarter wavelength that. To prevent higher modes of the halfwave patch antenna to be excited, the width of the halfwave patch antennas is 25 mm, which is smaller than the width of the quarter wave patch antennas.

Gain enhancement in microstrip patch antennas using hybrid. Eferences fig7 3d polar plot of patch array antenna from the figure above, the aceived gain was 12. Microstrip antenna arrays, gain, return loss, ansoft hfss version 15. Additional benefits of patch antennas is that they are easily fabricated making them cost effective. The antenna has a probe feed with an integrated capacitor to compensate for the probe inductance and produce a dualresonant structure. The straight edge of the patch has a dimension of l. To illustrate how this may help, two instances will be illustrated, the quarter wavelength patch antenna, which leads into the planar invertedf antenna pifa.

Quarter wavelength sections of transmission line play an important role in many systems at radio and optical frequencies. Draw a rectangle as shown below according to your design and resonant frequency specifications obviously lambda2. First the model of the microstrip patch antenna has to be drawn in hfss. Electric field from a microstrip patch antenna figure 3. The length of the quarter wavelength transformer was. Design and simulation of rectangular microstrip antenna. Yagi array of microstrip quarterwave patch antennas with. Every example uses the same matlab code, but with a different.

Note that a quarterwave length transformer was used to match the patch to a 50 ohm feed line. Highfrequency structure simulator hfss and advanced digital system. We use notches and slits on the microstrip patch antenna with distinct. Introduction antenna can be considered as backbone and almost essential part of wireless communication. The geometry of a shortcircuited quarter wavelength cylindricalrectangular microstrip patch antenna is shown in fig. The goal is to match the input impedance zin to the transmission line z0. Simulate and analyze linear end fire array of patch antenna design.

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